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Pattern Making for Fashion Design -PART 3-Collars, Necklines rating

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  • Drafting Basic Bodice
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Draping for fashion design
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Join THOUSANDS of students who are enjoying the benefits of these courses.

Join me as I walk you, step-by-step, through the process of Fashion Designing.

These courses provide you with the necessary skills and techniques to bring your ideas and vision to reality, and for some of you, build a strong fashion brand.

Learn the Principles of Pattern Drafting, and Draping, and Sketching; and Fabric/Textiles the Business Side of Fashion, Branding & Marketing, and how to create your own unique style.

This is a journey of self-discovery, empowerment and designing your own future.

And I'm here to answer all your questions!...simply email me and I will reply within 24 hours: [email protected]

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Nino Via: Learn Fashion Design

Hi, I am Nino Via ~ Welcome to FPA/Fashion Premier Academy.

~ Having graduated from FIT (NYC), worked in the industry, and from teaching at FIDM (LA), I am sharing my knowledge and experience with you!

~ In these informative and inspiring video-courses, you learn design principles and techniques, manufacturing practices, marketing and branding, and social media -- You will learn to make better creative and technical decisions and create a great collection: learn the essential elements for a successful Brand.

~ Given my international and eclectic background in fashion, photography, music, I have a multifaceted and proficient approach to Brand coaching.  

“Helping you find your vision through the best version of your Brand” — that’s my commitment to you.

Questions? email me: [email protected]

Outstanding Faculty Award ~ Best Teacher

"Outstanding Faculty Award" ~ Best Fashion Design Instructor

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How Did I Get Started In Fashion Design

Fashion Designing Draping


Love Fashion


This course completely demystified the concept of draping for me. It used to seem like such and esoteric, high-art part of fashion design. But Nino’s instruction is clear and provides the technical, foundational steps that are needed for opening up the creative process of designing garments in 3-D. Nino is engaging and excited to teach. He has a friendly and enthusiastic disposition and his teaching style reflects the kind of methodical and repetitive pedagogy that is so important when developing skills in the field of design. It becomes immediately clear that draping is not scary or a magical superpower; it is as foundational and methodical as any other skill involved in creating things, and once you wrap your mind around acquiring the skill like you would with a new language or musical instrument, you realize how valuable draping is for the garment construction process. It also becomes incredibly fun! I used to dread draping, and now I look forward to it! Thank you, Nino!

~ Amanda Clark


Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Can I take this course at my own pace?

Yes, definitely, you can view the videos at your own pace!

  • Are the videos/classes on a set schedule?

No, you can watch the videos whenever you want!

  • Do I have to watch the videos by a certain date?

No, you can watch the videos whenever you want!

  • Are the videos LIVE?

No, the videos are pre-recorded.

  • Do I get access to the entire course when I purchase and enroll?

 Yes, you get the entire course, once you purchase and enroll.

  • How do I know it's not a scam?

By reading the Testimonials and Bio, you can see that I’ve been teaching for a long time, with excellent reviews. 


"Just finished your Pattern Making Class. As an absolute novice to the subject, I was surprised at how well you explained the subject and how you made me love it. Congratulations!"

~ Roberto Holway

"I've been doing all your courses for the past couple of days and I just don't want them to end! They are super informative and helpful, hope we get to see more from you!"

~ Mica Fernandez

“I've been sewing for years using commercial patterns and never understood how did they were developed. Now armed with this knowledge I feel that I it will be better able to alter patterns to fit me and yes, even venture into making my own patterns. This was inspiring for me since I have struggled to get that perfect fit. Now I am armed and ready to improve.”

~ Rebekah Yoder

"Fashion Design has been my passion right from when I was a little girl, but still struggling... I believe your classes have helped me to be what I loved to be as a little girl."

~ Bolaji Olabiyi

"I really enjoyed this Pattern Making Course. I found the instructions really easy to follow and understand. I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to work it all out by reading my text book, and this has made everything so simple. Thank you."

~ Mel Thorley

"This class was the perfect draping class. I just ordered my first dress form and wanted to proactively learn some basic draping techniques before my form arrives. This class exceeded my expectations with the clear-cut instructions and fitting examples. I also love the extra information that I learned about fabrics. Very nicely executed! I can't wait to see what other classes Nino Via has to offer...".

~ Brittany Erin

“Fantastic class! Thanks very much Nino, I love all of your classes and I was excited to see a new one appear in my inbox tonight! Very clear steps and I've learnt so much on pattern making thanks to your teaching! I highly recommend your classes for anyone looking to learn how to design and create pattern from scratch! Excellent content! Fabulous teacher! Thank you!! :D”

~ CV

“Having completed a Pattern making course at my local college many years ago and without any success at making my own patterns I left it. 

During lock down in the Uk I decided to take up pattern making again so I looked on line and saw a few courses which I looked at but did not really understand, then hey presto I saw Nino doing pattern manipulation and this lesson just stood out from the rest. His lessons are so informative and easy to follow it makes you want to get out your pencil and paper and have a go. Pattern making is very complex and I find looking at the same lesson 3 or 4 times is a great help. 

I am so interested in this subject I practice every day and am looking forward to designing making a pattern and getting out my sewing machine and finishing the job.

Thanks Nino, you are a star!” 

~ Anne Hadley

I would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in fashion design or draping. I have taken both draping and pattern making courses and I found these to be concise and straight to the point. Each lesson was easy to follow and easy to understand, although I would have liked a little more detail. I am looking forward to taking more classes with Nino!

Julie Glasser ~ Designer

Mr. Via was one of my teachers at FIDM. His knowledge in the industry and professionalism, helped me improve my sewing and pattern making skills. 

His passion and dedication, as my mentor, has been a remarkable foundation for my career. 

Alejandro G Ortega ~ DIOR COUTURE

Nino is terrific to work with. He is both professional and personable. He shows great attention to detail and creativity. I would highly recommend him.

Kathy Peterson ~ CEO/Designer at KOI

More about NINO VIA:

A fashion industry expert, with proven supervisory and management skills and proficient in all elements of design. Empowering design teams in achieving peak performance, consistent Brand focus and strategic creative growth. 

Delivering cohesive style principals, editing and selecting dynamic design ideas, maintaining optimum manufacturing practices and implementing appropriate social media use — all necessary components for actuating a thriving Brand.

As a Consultant with SAMSUNG C&T America, Inc., I partner Brands with Samsung’s infinite available resources and position them for global visibility.

As a former Curriculum Development Coordinator of the Fashion Design program at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, LA, excellent leadership skills were essential in managing, supporting and increasing faculty efficiency, writing annual reviews, and implement scheduling.

Born and raised in Rome (Italy), speaking fluent Italian was an asset while working at Ralph Lauren, when supervising sample-room responsibilities included samples manufactured in Italy.

"Fashion Design and Conscious Well-Being integrated as a vehicle for global transformation, elevating the quality of the apparel industry."

~ Nino Via

Knowledge Is Power

~ Francis Bacon

By enrolling in these Courses/Classes, you will discover what inspires you, where inspiration comes from, how to observe and save visual images and pictures and sources into a "fashion journal" which will be used as a "pool" of information and inspiration when it comes to sketching new ideas for future Collections.

Sketching For Fashion Design: You will learn basic sketching techniques that will help you put down on paper new ideas and designs. You will use the Croquie to help you quickly draw on paper what you see in your mind's eye.

Fabric For Fashion Design: Fabric is very important in fashion design: as a fashion designer learning the different types of fabrics, and colors, and textures, not to mention knowing the difference between woven fabrics and knit fabric, is very important. Color plays an important role in creating new designs: understanding the infinite shades of a color will help you become a better designer.

In Fashion Designing: Learning the methods and techniques used to create a pattern (used to make a garment) such as Draping and Pattern Drafting is essential in the construction of a garment. The learning and use of all the different tools used in the Draping/Drafting of patterns is necessary in order to execute perfect garment.

Sizing and grading is necessary as part of the fashion production process. Learning the manufacturing process is crucial in the execution and delivery of a collection to the marketplace. The knowledge and use of Tech Packs and Cost Sheets is mandatory for anyone working in the fashion design industry.

In Fashion Marketing & Branding: Knowing who your customer is, and who you're designing for, is very important in the success of a Brand: identifying your customer and designing with a specific goal in mind, will help you achieve the success of your company and the development of your Brand.

Social Media plays a crucial role in the visibility and thus success of your Brand and knowing all the different and available channels to you, will empower you to make the right decisions and choices.  

If you are wondering whether fashion design is an area that you might venture into, these Courses will definitely answer that question for you: given the complexity of the process, learning all the different aspects of it will empower you to make the right decision.

And if you are curious to learn more about the fashion industry, these Courses will deliver a tremendous amount of information that will definitely expand your knowledge of the industry. The content of these Online Fashion Courses covers a large span of knowledge given that it covers the entire process of designing a fashion idea and executing it and delivering it to the customer -- a process that encompasses a complex series of steps that need to be executed in sequential and exact order for the entire process to work smoothly.

Students from other industries (such as lawyers, and engineers, etc.) who have taken these Courses, claim that it has expanded their understanding of the fashion design process and was very informative, clear, well delivered and made a big difference in their decision to make the right choice in career direction.

The material covered in these Courses will help you determine how to best enter into the fashion industry, which area of the industry is best suited for you, whether it's the creating and designing of the collection, or the manufacturing process, or distribution, or social media and marketing. Being equipped with the right information is crucial when making career choices --choosing the right path can mean the difference between a happy and joyful life or a life of struggle.

As the Internet increases its power and span, reaching global visibility and productivity becomes the norm -- These courses give you access to valuable information as to how to go about achieving that. Today's customer is smart and educated and you must be prepared with the right education and knowledge in order to compete in the marketplace, and succeed.

As a Fashion Designer: Being educated in all the steps necessary to make a great fashion collection is essential when dealing with other industry professionals. Communicating and sharing your ideas is part of the networking element in a professional environment, therefore knowing all the steps involved in the designing a fashion collection becomes necessary part of turning ideas into reality.

Enroll in these courses and join the millions of industry professionals involved in the exciting world of fashion designing -- a very creative field filled with fulfilling experiences, talented artists and visionaries. 

As the World Wide Web expands its reach, so does the education necessary needed to compete in a very competitive field: these Fashion Courses will empower you with the right knowledge and information to go out there and participate professionally in the fashion industry.

My courses are about learning how to be a great fashion designer; whether you are a beginner student or a professional fashion designer, learning skills and techniques in designing is an ongoing process: there’s always something new to learn, even if you know basic fashion design techniques, building on top of that is essential to expand your knowledge of the industry at large.

Nowadays learning fashion designing online is such an amazing opportunity: you can study fashion in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, having full lifetime access. Save of the cost of hight tuition, instead learn by watching these high quality videos, which you can rewind and watch over and over again, on your own schedule.

Learning Fashion Sketching, and Fashion Draping and Pattern Making (Pattern Drafting) or if you want to explore The Business of Fashion, and learn the business side of fashion, or learning how to put a Fashion Collection together and learning the use of Fabrics and the Textile Industry, these Courses are an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge, elevate you fashion skills, and add to your existing body of work.

Whether making clothes is a hobby of yours or a financial income generator, these courses empower you to build your confidence and make you a better designer.

Regardless whether you are putting together your first fashion design portfolio, or building your fashion website, or learn how to market your fashion line, these courses give you the ability to accomplish all that, especially because you will be saving on expensive tuition costs.
This pattern drafting course

pattern making for fashion design and digital pattern making will help you digital sewing patterns and pattern blocks including digital pattern and working with existing pattern.

In the fashion marketing and branding you'll learn about fashion brands in the fashion industry including fashion marketing strategies and similar marketing strategy and target market.