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This BUNDLE includes the beginning principles of Pattern Making and progresses through more advanced techniques including some DRAPING skills.

Pattern Making 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -- all under one roof! ~ Enjoy!

~ As a fashion designer, pattern making is essential in learning how garments are created and put together. A good fashion designer must learn pattern making in order to really understand the construction of his/her designs.

~ This course will empower you to be a better fashion designer, give you more creative options, establish the foundations for a successful fashion brand or elevate your existing one.

VIDEOS + DEMOS: In this course students will learn: 

  • Basic Principles of pattern-making such as Dart Manipulation and Added Fullness and Contour. 
  • Students will learn techniques such as Pivoting and Slash-and-Spread. 
  • New terminology such as Slopers and Blocks and Darts, Pleats, Tucks, Yokes, Princess Seams, Shirring, Apex, Notches.
  • Where patterns come from: Draping muslin bodice on dress form.
  • Drafting Princess Seams.
  • Drafting an A-Line skirt.
  • Drafting Skirt Yokes and adding fullness to skirt.
  • Grainlines and Pattern Labeling.
  • Trueing Darts.
  • Tools necessary for drafting patterns.
  • ...and much more...

All lectures delivered by VIDEO with detailed DEMOS of the applied techniques.

~ Pattern Making skills are invaluable for fashion designers, offering numerous benefits such as enhanced creativity, customization capabilities, and cost efficiency.

~ Learning these skills through these online courses provides you/designers with accessibility, flexibility, and opportunities for continuous learning and development, making it an ideal pathway for aspiring fashion professionals.

Learning Pattern Making gives you knowledge on:

  • Understanding Garment Construction
  • Customizing Your Designs
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Creative Freedom
  • Problem-solving Abilities

Enroll and enjoy the journey!

Nino Via

Hi, I’m Nino Via

I'm your instructor.

This is a great opportunity to learn SO MANY Pattern Making skills and techniques!... and learn at your own pace and schedule... and as always, if you gave any questions... reach out!


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