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Enjoy The Course!

In This Mini-Course:
  • How to start a career in fashion.
  • Which Course to start with.
  • Intro to FABRIC Course.
  • A lesson from Ralph Lauren.
  • Tools for Pattern-making & Draping.
  • Samples of the content in my courses.
  • Magic in pattern-making.
  • How I got started: My Bio.

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Sketching. Draping. Pattern-making.

Collection Development.

Branding & Marketing.


Weekly Mini Lessons
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Enjoy the journey!

Celebrate the power of doing it yourself!

Nino Via - Fashion Design
Welcome to Fashion Premier Academy!

For anyone who wants to learn Fashion Design:

  • in the comfort of your own home
  • on your own schedule
  • high-quality Pre-recorded Video Courses
  • Coaching Services.

As an experienced professional in the fashion industry, I am committed to create and deliver the best innovative learning experience: education, inspiration, transformation.

Empower yourself to design your best brand: be future-ready.

Mission Statement

A Fashion Industry Professional and Expert. Fashion Design Brand Coach/Consultant and Master Teacher and Mentor. As an Instructor, my passion is to educate, inspire, and empower you to live the best version of yourself and elevate, expand, grow your Brand. 

Using my expertise in analyzing design principals, manufacturing practices, and social media, the focus is to guide you to make the best design decisions, streamline your collection and achieve a cohesive point of view — essentials for your success.

Using fashion design as a vehicle to inspire and strive for excellence. My Online Fashion Courses educate and empower you to design the life that you dream and desire. My coaching/consulting will guide and empower you to bring your ideas and vision into reality, whether elevating your design skills or starting your own Brand.

“Helping you find your vision through the best version of your Brand”.