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A great fashion collection is not enough to succeed. Owning your own Company is a big responsibility— you need a strong Business Plan to avoid failure. Furthermore, this Course empowers you to turn your designs/company into a financially successful Brand. 

This Course covers areas on research and development, and the manufacturing process, and how to create your own Online Store. It addresses the importance of Social Media and all the different platforms. It also includes elements of planning, topics such as Vision and Purpose for your brand/business, and your core values for your company.

In this Course you will:

  • Develop a Business Plan: a 6-part/components Plan.
  • Executive Summary and Budgets
  • Learn Consumer Research and Product Research
  • Manufacturing: Domestic vs Overseas
  • Production Process
  • Print-on-Demand
  • E-commerce — Your own Online Store
  • Distribution and Marketing channels
  • Online Presence and Social Media
  • Shopify and similar platforms
  • Bloggers and Influentials
  • Reason/Purpose for your business
  • Creating a VISION for your Company
  • Core Values
  • Quantum thinking in fashion design
Fashion Design Online

Hi, I’m Nino Via, I'm your instructor.

Welcome! I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you, and to empower you to achieve your dreams and vision.

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