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In this Course you will learn about Yokes and how use them to create new ideas and designs, especially when using Stripes.

You will see how stripes and grainlines effect the design element and thus effecting the style of your design.

You will learn how to create a Yoke using both techniques: Draping and Pattern Making

You will learn how to turn a Dart into Shirring and thus eliminating the dart. 

You will see that by eliminating the darts in the bodice, you can create a "Princess Seam" and thus design a new style which can be explored further by the choice of fabric selection. 

We review pattern making techniques to change the shape of your designs.  

  • You'll learn how to use "Slash-and-Spread" techniques, and add fullness.
  • You'll be using the 1-Dart and the 2-Dart Bodice.
  • Using Yokes on Skirts.
  • You'll learn Dart Manipulation: how to take a Dart and turning it into shirring/gathers.  
  • You'll learn that by adding Seams you can develop new ideas/designs.
  • Using Princess Seams as a way to create new ideas.
  • Elements of Design-- what are they and how to use them in the fashion design process.
  • You'll learn Notches-- how to use "control notches".
  • Passion vs Purpose.

Creating Yokes to develop new designs is a fun and creative way to achieve new looks. Experimenting with grainlines also is a way to come up with new ideas.

Learning how to pin muslin unto a dress form is also important in order to end up with a correct pattern. Using muslin to drape is an art that can be used in very original ways to expand your creative reach.

You will see how Princess Seams are developed and how that technique can be applied to a garment in order to create new and original designs. 

You will learn how notches become essential when instructing your seamstress how you want a garment sewn; communicating effectively with your seamstress/pattern-maker is fundamental in the execution of a garment.

Knowing what your driving force is in design, is fundamental in a solid foundation for a successful Brand. Purpose and vision combined become fuel for your creativity and drive.

Best Fashion Design Instructor

Hi, I’m Nino Via, I'm your instructor.

My passion is to inspire and empower you to live the best version of yourself. Using fashion as a vehicle to educate, and support you in creating and developing a thriving brand. 

From concept to completion: From Vision Board to Pattern Drafting, to Tech Packs, to Social Media -- all essential elements for success.

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My courses are about learning how to be a great fashion designer; whether you are a beginner student or a professional fashion designer, learning skills and techniques in designing is an ongoing process: there’s always something new to learn, even if you know basic fashion design techniques, building on top of that is essential to expand your knowledge of the industry at large.

Nowadays learning fashion designing online is such an amazing opportunity: you can study fashion in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, having full lifetime access. Save on the cost of hight tuition, instead learn by watching these high quality videos, which you can rewind and watch over and over again, on your own schedule, at affordable cost.

Learning fashion Sketching, and Fashion Draping and Pattern Making (Pattern Drafting) or if you want to explore The Business of Fashion, and learn the business side of fashion, or learning how to put a Fashion Collection together and learning the use of Fabrics and the Textile Industry, these Courses are an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge, elevate you fashion skills, and add to your existing body of work.

Whether making clothes is a hobby of yours or a financial income generator, these courses empower you to build your confidence and make you a better designer. Regardless whether you are putting together your first fashion design portfolio, or build your fashion website, or learn how to market your fashion line, these courses give you the ability to accomplish all that especially because you will be saving on expensive tuition costs.