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Pattern Making ~ Part 4

This Course is 'PART 4' of ~ Pattern Making for Fashion Designing ~ . In this Course we will focus on SLEEVES as well as Armholes, Cuffs, and various Sleeve Designs.

In this Course you will learn how to draft a Basic Sleeve (a Straight Sleeve) from scratch, using standard measurements.

You will learn how to resolve the problem of the sleeve not matching the armhole, by adjusting the sleeve to fit the armhole correctly.

You will learn new Terminology such as: Cap, Bicep Circumference, Elbow Circumference, Cap Height, Underarm Seam, Wrist Level.

We will use techniques such as “Slash-and-Spread” to ADD FULLNESS to a sleeve, and thus create new designs.

You will learn how to draft a CUFF.

The Course will show you how to draft:

  • Basic Sleeve (Straight Sleeve)
  • Puff Sleeve
  • Bishop Sleeve
  • Short Sleeve
  • Bell Sleeve
  • "Original Design" sleeve
  • Cuff

You will learn how to adjust the sleeve CAP to fit the armhole.

Pattern Drafting is a very important aspect of the Design Process, it takes years of practice to perfect the craft. If you've taken PART 1, and PART 2, and PART 3, this Course will build on top of that, and will definitely elevate the skills necessary to perfect the art of pattern-making, as well as stimulate your creativity!

We will review the TOOLS used in Pattern Drafting, such as: Hip Curve and French Curve and Notcher. And of course Scissors, ruler, pencil, and Dotted Paper and Manila Paper for drafting purposes.

My other Pattern Making Courses go over the basic Terminology and Tools necessary for drafting and even though it is not mandatory that you take these other pattern classes, it would be beneficial to have some knowledge of pattern drafting.

Enjoy the Course.

Nino Via, instructor

Hello and welcome!

My name is Nino Via,

I am your instructor.

Continuing with another Pattern Making Course, I'm very excited to be able to support you in elevating your curriculum, learn new skills, and build your confidence in the process of Fashion Designing.

Let's get started.

Drafting a Bishop Sleeve
Bishop Sleeve

Use your imagination and design your own sleeves.

Learning the basic principles in this Course, you will be able to accomplish that.

Drafting a Bell Sleeve
Sleeve drafting
Drafting Sleeves

Using techniques such as "Slash-n-Spread", you can create your own designs.

Be original.

Be creative.

Have fun!

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