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In this Course you will learn the necessary steps needed to create and develop a Fashion Collection, also known as a Line. 

Designing a Collection/Line is a complex step-by-step process executed in a sequential order: starting with inspiration, and mood boards, and sketching ideas and so on... Patterns are created using Draping and Pattern-making techniques...

Further steps into the production and manufacturing process... and the use of social Media to promote and sell your Collection. 

This Course is packed with valuable information for anyone interested in entering the world of fashion design.

This Course covers the process from A to Z , including exercises in discovering "Who You Are" as a fashion designer. It is truly inspiring for anyone passionate about fashion designing.

  • Designing a Fashion Collection (aka Line) is a complex process involving many steps executed in sequential order to best produce optimum results. 
  • I will take you through the components and tools to prepare, organize, and execute the designing of your Collection/Line. 
  • You will learn new terminology such as Slopers, Mood Boards, Draping process, Pattern drafting, Cost Sheets, Tech Packs
  • You will learn how to sketch your ideas.
  • You will learn about silhouettes ("shapes").
  • You will learn the different types of textiles/fabrics (woven vs knits).
  • Learn to identify Target Customer. 
  • You will explore Social Media and its importance in the promoting and selling of your Brand.
Learn Fashion Design Online

Hi, I’m Nino Via, I'm your instructor.

How do you start your own Brand.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Fashion Design, this is the best place to start.

This Course takes you on a very exciting journey: all the steps necessary to design and create a fashion brand.

Take the first step in achieving your dreams ~ Design your own future.

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Preparation: inspiration, ideas, sketching, etc.
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